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Tell Mama we’re doing OK

Virtue & Vice

Label: Sold Out Music
Published: May 2020

BASS: Dimitris Argiropoulos
DRUMS: George Dimitriadis
RHYTHM GUITAR: Vasilis Bagas”
LEAD GUITAR: George karathanasis “Cargo”
VOCALS: Giannis Vogiatzis “Vogia”
BACKING VOCALS: John Vogia, George Vasilas, Pavlos Angelou, Cargo, ViktoЯia
Piano on ‘’Trailless Smile” played by Nick Taras
All acoustic guitars and Keyboards played by George Vasilas
All songs recorded at Foundry studios between spring and summer of 2019, except “Confused” recorded at Foundry studios November of 2018
CΟVER CREATED BY: ViktoЯia (Instagram: Vorona_white_art)
PHOTOS BY: George Litsas (FB: George Litsas Spotlighting Facts)
LYRIC EDITING BY: Sofia Giamouki
RECORDED ON: Foundry studios Thessaloniki 2019
MASTERING BY: Siopis Masters
PRODUCED BY: George Vasilas and Mike Martins
You can find our new album in digital format at Napster, iTunes, Play Store, Amazon and Spotify.
For CD format please contact the Band

Review από Richard Mabe...

…After the success with “Virtue and Vice” album, Leftover Bullets have got loads to show for, with their recent release. Recently releasing their 2nd album “Tell Mama We’re Doing OK” there is loads where they have polished off with their sound but still keeping this hard rocking energy with loads of powerful riffs packed with energetic lyrics with loads of emotions coming out. Powerful riffs with Leftover Bullets comes with many beautiful harmonies with atmosphere and texture to the music.

With this album, it still has the Hard Rock, Punk and Metal sounds like “Virtue and Vice”has but “Tell Mama We’re Doing OK” has little more of the Progressive Rock side and even elements of Indie Rock with songs like “Confused”. With a couple of songs with Leftover Bullets they show that they have a little bit of a Poppy side to them with catchy riffs that will get the sound bedded into your head, like “Sleazy Vibrations”, “Nancy” and also their single leading up to this album “Confused” which I also reviewed with the last Leftover Bullets review. This album has a Judas Priest feel, with Sad Wings Of Destiny and British Steel mixed together. Sad Wings Of Destiny having more of a progressive feel and energy but still heavy and then British Steel was more of a Poppy album but still having a lot of flow and energy. Also, with influences of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Thin Lizzy, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, System Of The Down etc, Leftover Bullets have loads to show for

Second track is “Confused” and this was the single leading up to the album and their was something to look forward to for anyone who likes Leftover Bullets and anyone who like their sort of music and Leftover Bullets didn’t disappoint in anyway and you find the review for “Confused” with the “Virtue and Vice” review. The third track is “Free Speech for Sale” and looking at the title I knew this was going to be a great song with a great message from the lyrics and the music behind it. Love the driving feel to the song with the rhythm with a great chugging guitar riff. Great feedback with the guitar at the beginning then a great bass riff at the beginning, heavy and nicely toned with great compression with the bass to give that thumping edge.

The tracks that has more of a Poppier side to Left Over Bullets are “Sleazy Vibrations” and “Nancy” with being great tracks in the album. Still keeping the heavy energy with the music, they bring in catchy guitar riffs with nice catchy lyrics that brings a flow and has an upbeat. Love the beginning of “Sleazy Vibrations” with a flowing drum beat and lyrics before the song bursts with full of fire. Love the solo with the airy tone that’s added to the guitar. “Nancy” has a Guns’n’Roses influence with the song. Love the guitar riff at the beginning that will get you playing air guitar. Great chord pattern that will get the song warming up. Again, great drumming with “Nancy” with a tribal flow during the Verses and lyrics flowing with the beat and love the pots and pans sound halfway to add something a little different. With these two songs being upbeat, there is so much flow and energy, but you still get a good feel to the music.

“Trailess Smile” and “It’s Alright” are the songs with the Progressive background in. Keeping the Hard Rock edge, you still get to feel the music and absorb the energy from the vocals and with the music in the background. Great Rhythm with “Trailess Smile” the heart going from the drums and the heaviness from the bass with a nicely gained tone with the rhythm guitar to add the higher frequency sound. Great lead guitar rock with beautiful melodies with a lot of harmonies and a nicely played solo at the end and love the feed back in the end. “It’s Alright” is a beautiful song with the sound. Love how both guitarists play melodies, one playing melody, heavy and the other guitarist playing it softer and smooth and then the bass giving off the rhythm whilst the drums are creating anice slow flowing beat. As the song goes on.it does build up with a heavier sound. Love the vocals to the song, get a good feel with the lyrics, very personal and passionate with how Yiannis sings this with so much power coming from Yiannis voice.

The last song is “Till Next time” this one is the longest in this great album. With the song starting off slow with plenty of energy and fire. All the sudden at 3 ½ minutes there is a small pause and this bass line comes in chugging away with the guitars following with the drums and makes you want to pogo to the music. Great ending to an album and this could be a great ending to a concert,and you’ll be telling Mama that you’re doing OK after listening to Leftover Bullets.

With Leftover Bullets being more polished with “Tell Mama We’re Doing OK” but still having the raw powerful edge with their sound,it’s going to be interesting to hear what they’ll bring in the future and how they are going to produce that sound. With many styles of music and great sounds that they have brought to the table, they’ll never be limited to the ideas they have. Also with many songs having a lot of personal messages with the lyrics, packed with energy and emotions and if you needed something to listen to that get those bad feeling or low emotions out, Leftover Bullets is great to beat those low feeling out and feel more relief from it