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Review by FindABand.gr for new album “Tell mama we’re doing ok”

Review by Helly Cherry for new album “Tell mama we’re doing ok”
Review by Rox for new album “Tell mama we’re doing ok”

Find below the review by Findaband.gr for our new album "Tell mama we're doing ok"

Rarely does a rock band reach the scene quite like Leftover Bullets! Their second album “Tell Mama We’ re Doing Ok” is a blast! It is one of those bands that can amaze you on every song.

We reviewed their second album and we can tell you that is solid!

Fans will be rocking out to these songs. Riffs are hard and the solos memorable. Tracks like “Wasted Silence” and “Nancy” reminds particularly some of the 80’s super-bands. Another track we picked is “Really Not There” where it’s mood changes gradually, but never contradicts the general direction in which the music flow. Fast, hard and solid. A nice surprise is “Trailless Smile” .

What we really liked about this album is it’s energy. It seems like Leftover Bullets never fails expectations.

Available on CD and on digital platforms.
Leftover Bullets


Band Members
Drums: George Dimitriadis
Bass: Dimitris Argy
Lead Guitar: George Karathanasis
Vocals: Giannis Vogia


Album Tracklist

1.Wasted Silence
2. Confused
3. Free Speech For Sale
4. Trailless Smile
5. Nancy
6. Really Not There
7. Sleazy Vibration
8. It’s Alright
9. Till Next Time

Link: here